reality check please

Having you, I’m pretty ingrained.
At all the aspects,
As you make me shake.
The time I had you,
And the time passed through.
With the kind and strong
When I’m like going blue.
Yet a winner over winds.
And the light that’s within.
Keeps me going.
Keeps me going.
Yeah, it does keep me going,
Cause you’re always there.
When I need, not on chair.
This recite gets me high with you.
I’m so very glad, met you.
Dear Courage I guess you too.

-Rishabh kumar

Have you ever felt like you actually do not have a single idea about your life. Like you know you are doing something. Working your ass off whole day as a machine, daily routine, every day being the same way. That’s what I am feeling today. I know it’s not important to tell anything to anyone. Why would anyone care if you can’t make your own decision. What’s the use of any conversation. You would just end up being the same and complaining cause you hadn’t the courage to take a step ahead.

I guess sometimes in life, we don’t know our path. If it is right or not. But it’s a choice to live with that or just to leave that place. I barely know if I’m correct, if I’m right. But yes I have this hope. I guess we all do. But must keep in mind, hope doesn’t work if you don’t work with faith. Faith is somehow similar to confidence. Confidence doesn’t come that easy. There are many factors that can make you loose all your confidence. The place you are working at, the companions that you are with, all can collectively just diverse you, your view to see things. Good or bad, even if you are not allowing yourself to accept, you are.

Confidence is precious. Maintaining your attitude, maintaining your persona amongst a crowd of people might be hard. But should you choose not to!.

There might be many path you could take, many talks in your mind. But the urge that keeps you asking to move on or move ahead. That’s what you keeps you going. So does with me. Please do reality check of what you actually want, what you actually want from your self. Are you a worthy one! Are you not! Who will tell you what you are capable of! Who will dare to! Who has the right to right to judge you on your behalf! Who became that important! How!

Featured image by Rodrigo
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