Stop consuming everything

As the day starts, what’s the first thing that you do?

Well, I hadn’t thought much earlier. But found that before going to sleep and after I wake up, the first thing I did was using my mobile.

Mostly I guess, it’s been a habit of all whoever is bored of this extra corona time or for those who do not have any well set short term goals, aren’t able to stay that productive or should I say, have been a lot lazy or depressed.

Well, what to say. Also me!

But though my thinking writing mind came up. I felt like yes, there are these bad mood swings just because I consume contents that not just make me think about what I should do and what I should not. This consumption of different thoughts are not only getting implemented in our thoughts, but also they are doing more than that.

As the whole world came more online, the seekers of online support providers boom at their services. Well, no one was prepared earlier and they did take this opportunity to grow their services worldwide.

Ok, say like… Did you guys thought about what is digital marketing before such situations!
Did you know what was content writing, copywriting, freelancing, networking? Oh, did you know that public speaking is a skill?

I know most of us got familiar with these so much in just the last two years.

Do you know how!
Willingly or unwillingly there was this thought like

“I got to be productive.”

“I got to utilise this time so well that no one else had ever imagined from me ever before.”

Or something like that wasn’t it! I guess this is human nature. We all want to gain more knowledge, more information about the world. Ok, that just not helps only in the exam’s questions and answers, but also if you want to be called a geek, expert of different techniques at everything, you can continue on that.

Yet answer me one thing at last. What would you do with so much knowledge? Are you going to run an advisory firm where people ask so many different questions that they would be getting help from that, by you scrolling your net all day! Or, are you making good use of time this way by just consuming everything you saw!


I know there was high knowledge available on the internet even before these two years. I know many people opened up their gig of writing and providing good teaching too. That wasn’t bad. No, not at all. All of them helped us to enhance more of our knowledge, to be more confident and open up in society. Precisely, they did good use of their time. Being focused and tried best to provide the right content to the right audience.

What I simply mean is, are we a good consumer, or we are just a bunch of scrollers who find everything interesting to them and keep consuming it.

Ok, let me tell you what I noticed that this consumption made me do.

First, it misguided like what I am doing isn’t well. Harmed a little of inner harmony.
Then, cause I was watching similar stuff day by day. It made me believe that I must do something other than that what I used to.
At last, I started taking action towards those unknown yet interesting words which my mind was full of.

Do take some time, rethink your actions and do reply to me what you felt about your consumption of daily life.

Thanks for reading this boring stuff.


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