Are you living with a GOAL! YEAR HAS CHANGED, SO SHOULD WE. This is the right time to reshape our thoughts.

Years have changed, so have I.
As the year pass, so does our beliefs. Our choices shape our thoughts, our thoughts change into choices of our actions. These actions become a habit and finally, it becomes our nature.
If you had a chance to move back again, would you?
Would you try to do something else other than what you did!
It’s our choices that made us, carved us to have this journey so far. We should be glad to have experienced those things, the memories now. All memories are a part of us. If we remember them in depth, we can learn about the actions that put us to today’s consequences. Sad or happy, it is as it is. We should start a whole new journey to come up with something new each day. It does not mean to give up old goals. Goals that guide us to be disciplined to a path. But did you ever made the right goal?
What is the goal according to you! Isn’t it materialistic often? cars, a big dream house. Does it have a fixed date and feature that you have defined yet? If not, why! The goal is something that is bounded by time, and yes there is all categories of short, mid and long term goals. But my friend, if you don’t get it to date, it was just a dream that you had no discipline to achieve the cause of your own bad choices of personal daily actions.
Think like if you had to gain weight. Would you not exercise daily. Yes, people make their daily plans. Efforts, protein bars, healthy diet, so much sacrifice. If a student had to gain good marks, would he not study. Surely, he will and he must. But ask yourself again, were you consistent with your daily actions!
It is our nature that if we can’t see the result much soon, our mind tells us to stop. But it is our heart we should listen at such time, it surely doesn’t get satisfied easily. Does it? We stop loving the process and look again and again at our marks and body shape to confirm that something has changed. Yes, it’s there. That’s our fault to not love the process.
Is it late! Don’t we ask often? Yes, we do. But it is and it’s not. Not always. It is we who decide to give ourselves more and more time each day. It’s us who decide whether it is the right time or not. It’s us who decide to let people in or out of our life. If you could connect me at that level you might have understood. Choose your three daily actions towards any goal. Don’t look up for where you are today. Just say, yes, I did it today. Eventually, as I said:
Actions → Habit → Nature
Now we know what we lacked. It won’t be easy to let go of anyone’s self-belief that put them back, the hardship that they went through is a lesson, must understand that. We should be happy to have understood that. Shouldn’t we!
-Rishabh kumar


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