Do parents not think about you! Maybe right, think twice.

Do parents not think about you! Maybe right, think twice.

I remember some incidents of my life where I used to think like yes, who does even care about me. Even if I fail or go into depressions with my super overthinking capabilities, who would ask! Yeah… An incident when even your parents don’t support you even at your worst. If you have gone through something similar, boss… You’re at the right spot today.
Yes, it’s easy to say that people or anyone doesn’t care. But think for a while, why should anyone!

You would say like yeah, they are my friends and friends do that or at least try to do…. maybe you would be like I did good for them so it’s my right to have the same. Right! Right, Is it?
Did you made them sign any contract! Oh, whom am I kidding? We all are children. We wish for more care than others. Is it wrong! No. Is it all right! No.

Once we create a wall in our head that it is my right, It’s my deserving part. We stop doing things that made us deserving.

Let me tell a story you might have heard. Once upon a time, there was… Sorry for my conventional starting line, excuse it… Hmm. Ok, just once a boy named Title was in search of its name. It had his name “Title”, but he was always confused when someone asked his title.

“Title? Sorry, My name is ‘Title’.That’s my name. Believe it.”, he would say.

Lol…that’s just my fictional character. Ok, why this story. Curious! Angry! Over me to make you read that!

You might be. What a waste of my time to read that. I could enjoy something else. Something else! Hmm!? Like what?

You were made to read more and more, watch more and more, to grab your attention over every aspect of life. Most people do that cause they keep looking at what others are doing. And that’s how they sell out their thoughts to you. When I made you read that. It was your intention, not mine. Yeah, although I tried my best that you keep reading. Our parents also want it. Your attention, care. They do care about you that’s why they try to stop you.

The friends you are with, may or may not be that helpful. If they are, they must have their own identity that puts them play forward in their families. Their opinion matters when they know that they earned that place and have learned the consequences once or twice.

We are all working for fame. Grand Title title. No doubt, we should. Parents also want that. They keep digging ours heads so we do not forget what we wanted. In the race of FOMO (fear of missing out), we try every step to do that, go social, being part of gossips. But somehow what we keep watching, affects our mentality too, unwillingly. It is easy to get into addictive habits rather than productive ones. For example, we watch a lot of status of others, scrolling the reels…oh yeah, tick-tock trends.

Haha, those were damn funny, self-admiring beauty tips. For a single perfect video, they would repeat the action many times to go viral and get happy with the likes and views. Wasn’t it so? But, but, but. We also watch many influencers there, don’t we! How many of you tried being them or act like them. I am talking about those who put values. Hey, I have no intention to teach you anything, we are all our boss. I am talking about our genuine thoughts, those which come out of us. That we hope could help others in any way at any aspect of life, being ourselves.

Some would say, it’s hard to go viral. And yes, I didn’t even intend to. Should I? We should admire the few vision that we got, cherish them as genuine supporters, supporting us for what we are, for not showing up what would be liked by most of the world. This way, we would be correcting ourselves more, rather than being a shadow or mimic of someone else. Parents want us to be happy for what we are, to see how we changed for ourselves for the better. They have their hopes from us, so do we.

No one is bad, no one is all good.

Parenting isn’t a choice, it is a responsibility. Being their heir, we can love them for what they gave, even with their little time or emotional support. Parents also have desires just like us.
Maybe they don’t know much about our modern methods of gathering and socialising. They don’t taunt us for what we do, they taunt us cause our their old way experiences and less knowledge of today’s changing world. They know values and care more than us. We got to introduce them to our world, so both get along with a great bond. Yes, we do think a lot about each other.
We are all good enough to be deserving.
-Rishabh Kumar
Instagram: myjoopress

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  1. So what’s the point /conclusion of whole thing what you just said? I have read twice bt unable to get what you want to say?
    Is it that you said just because you wanted to write or you wrote it to say something?

    Don’t take it as negative comments, i was going to ignore it without making any comments bt then i thought my comment may help you a bit somewhere.


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