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Don’t die

You won’t die trying. You can die living the life you hate. May you guys have heard this quote earlier or felt its depth. It’s not just life. It’s not just days. ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ It isn’t all the lies. It isn’t all the ways. ❣ ❣ … Continue reading Don’t die

Used up

Used to have enthusiasm.
But shortly don’t have.
Meet someone,
but to whom should’ve.
Go around but where?
Call someone, who cares?
When the peace of mind
Drained, right?
Drained up like dried.
The hope disguise.
As lacking some things,
To revive.
The problems or dares,
Are yet to assimilate.
The kind of life we live,
Is divine.

Written by Rishabh kumar

कोई यह नहीं समझता

कि आपको इस वक्त क्या चाहिए क्या आपको किसी अपने का साथ चाहिए क्या आपको खुद का आत्मविश्वास चाहिए कोई ये नहीं समझ सकता सिवाये आपके कि आपको इस वक्त क्या चाहिए आपको इस गुजरते पल का एहसास चाहिए आपको अपने धड़कन की आवाज चाहिए जिंदगी जिंदा बची है अभी आपमें जीने की वजह, हाँ … Continue reading कोई यह नहीं समझता


I used to say that I liked myself Used all up now every day Used to have all dreams night play Used gases, laughs as spray Someone would say that something was crooked Someone would have not an urge Someone could have stayed all the way If someone had stayed that way I used to … Continue reading Used

Teachers can’t

Teachers can’t force you to do something the way they want to. They can just guide a way they used to get the answers more quickly. Being a teacher is not just a profession. It’s a responsibility that someone believes that he can bare. There are many kinds of behaviours seen in different students while … Continue reading Teachers can’t

reality check please

Having you, I’m pretty ingrained. At all the aspects, As you make me shake. The time I had you, And the time passed through. With the kind and strong When I’m like going blue. Yet a winner over winds. And the light that’s within. Keeps me going. Keeps me going. Yeah, it does keep me … Continue reading reality check please

सवाल, जारी रहेंगे

सवाल जिन्दगी से, हम करते रहेंगे जवाब जिन्दगी के, क्या यूँहीं मिलेंगे हर स्वाद, हर साथ, रहता नहीं जिन्दगी भर पर जिन्दगी के पन्ने, हैं कैसे, फिक्र करेंगे हर पहर कुछ छूटा, कहीं पीछे हाँ किसी ने छोड़ दिया कुछ था क्या, क्या कहा किसी ने कैसे तोड़ दिया हर बात, हर रात, सोचे क्यूँ … Continue reading सवाल, जारी रहेंगे


What extra would I say to admire her beauty. There are a lot of past stories to tell everything. Many men came and went. Had such a charm that anyone would buy it and try to make himself match for that best at very instant. Our work is more like a well matched spouse that … Continue reading राशि


You have the right to be responsible for the mistakes you made. And yes to enjoy the real success too.


TODAY is a new day. To make mistakes. To learn. For saying “no”. To let go. To cherish moments. The beauty and strengts, that’s within. Each day we meet a lot of people, if you are human. You got to. It’s tendency of of every living creature to stay together or search someone that they … Continue reading Today

शायद, दिल से

इतनी दूर ना जाना कि पास आना हो मुश्किल और इतने पास भी ना आना कि जी ना पाएं तुम्हारे बिन दूरियाँ रखना थोड़ी क्योंकि जरूरी है जरूरत बन जाने के नहीं हुए अभी हम काबिल दूर जो हैं हम, हमें दूर ही रहने दो। फासलें कम हुए तो वे खफ़ा हो जाएंगे। हाँ हैं … Continue reading शायद, दिल से


Changing cause you got to… is good.Changing for others…. is disguise. Don’t got to do together with someone.. Don’t use we… I got to, I understand that’s much better.. There are people who make us plea… There are those who stand for us, with us… Change is compulsory, compelling.. Demand of age, sign of maturity. … Continue reading Change


Everything is fair in love and war. But also, Life is a war. So, basically it means that any path you decide to achieve your goals isn’t good or bad. We are trained to be good, behave good, fake good with everyone around. For example with friends, family, colleagues, coworkers and even our most close … Continue reading Ruminating


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