Stop consuming everything

As the day starts, what's the first thing that you do? Well, I hadn't thought much earlier. But found that before going to sleep and after I wake up, the first thing I did was using my mobile. Mostly I guess, it's been a habit of all whoever is bored of this extra corona time … Continue reading Stop consuming everything

reality check please

Having you, I'm pretty ingrained. At all the aspects, As you make me shake. The time I had you, And the time passed through. With the kind and strong When I'm like going blue. Yet a winner over winds. And the light that's within. Keeps me going. Keeps me going. Yeah, it does keep me … Continue reading reality check please


नया क्या कहूँ उसे, किस्से हजार सुने होंगे।ना चाहते हुए भी यारों, बदनाम कई हुए होंगे।ये नजरे थी उनकी, क्या हुस्न क्या शरारत।सब जाँच जाते राशि, बस इतनी थी शराफत। What extra would I say to admire her beauty. There are a lot of past stories to tell everything. Many men came and went. Had … Continue reading राशि


Really, some thoughts just keep us balanced but far from reality. Recently I noticed that however as long as we hold ourselves somewhere, contained in a particular situation, that we feel like, is best, somehow keeps us far from accepting what is actually needed at moment. Maintaining a positive environment and living in the same, … Continue reading Thinking

500 followers!! with a splash of shining Sunshine blogger award.. yippie

Thank you for Sunshine blogger award Miss Sandhya and everyone reading this that you loved my thoughts this much. I am feeling like the king of the world.. haha kidding. Today my blog reached 500 followers Thank you alll for that. 500 followers, wow.. hadn't expected I guess many of you would be familiar to … Continue reading 500 followers!! with a splash of shining Sunshine blogger award.. yippie

क्या लिखूँ

लिखना तो मैं चाहता हूँ पर कैसे कोई नई बात लिखूँ साथ लिखूँ, आवाज़ लिखूँ बिखरा बिसरा ख़्वाब लिखूँ आम हूँ मैं, क्या खास लिखूँ जो गुजरे वही अल्फ़ाज लिखूँ शब्दों के किसी संगम से दिल की अपनी बात लिखूँ याद लिखूँ, एहसास लिखूँ सिमटा सा कोई राज लिखूँ आम हूँ मैं, क्या खास लिखूँ … Continue reading क्या लिखूँ

Do you work!

What do we work for! Just three Seasons. security, success and satisfaction. security of respect and security of earning. can make you think to achieve all fraction. it's also the same one fears of loosing. it keeps itself in his mind closed burning. you got to give best like blessings that's hidden. intentionally picked in … Continue reading Do you work!

Who am I

In between ups, in between downs, hanging in between like a monkey, not a clown. want to gather it all, those fames with relations. But can't get it done, like I lost touch of emotions. laying on bed, i think all day. I shouldn't be thinking, but it has been my way. i forget mostly … Continue reading Who am I

दोस्ती : शायरी

सबके साथ ना खेलो, खिलाडी कई हैं मैदान में। एक दोस्त बनाओ सच्चा, जो पहचाने तुम्हें हजार में। कुछ अजनबी अपनों से है कुछ अपनें अजनबी से हो गए एक वक्त था, बिन कहे सब जानते थे अब तो मिलकर भी, बस गुफ्तगू से हो गए तुम वो हो, तुम वो नहीं तुम हो साथ, … Continue reading दोस्ती : शायरी

दोस्ती के बिखरे पल

ये गीत उनके लिए जो भागती दौडती ज़िन्दगी में कहीं दूर निकल जाते हैं, याद तो होते है पर दिक्कत इस बात की होती है कि अक्सर बस यादों में ही रह जाते हैंजरा करीब तो आओजरा.... करीब तो आओजरा बैठो, कुछ सुनाओकहाँ चल दिए, कहाँ है जानाथोडा बैठो तो,कुछ तो सुनानाकुछ हाल दिल के … Continue reading दोस्ती के बिखरे पल