Vincent Ehindero Award #2 by J

Firstly sorry for being this late, had completely forgot about this one. J had nominated me for this award atleast a weak ago. So without being late I want to introduce you to J. She is really a nice blogger and I admire her work so much. If you don't believe and want to know … Continue reading Vincent Ehindero Award #2 by J

My first Sunshine Blogger Award

The beautiful rays of The Sunshine Blogger Award hits finally. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much Shreya for nominating me it was my first such kind of award. You are really amazingly wonderfully experimenting with your poetries through emotions. Hey guys if you have heard about her previously, it's not a … Continue reading My first Sunshine Blogger Award

क्या धन ही है आधार जगत का?

क्या धन ही है आधार जगत का? या कोई अब नहीं रहा श्रवण सा! क्या नही है कोई हाथ मदद का? या करते है सब स्वार्थ रमण का! क्या दोष ही है अब बचा धरा पर? या होता नहीं कही काम पुण्य का! क्या करता नहीं कोई धर्म की रक्षा? या माँगता हर कोई भूख … Continue reading क्या धन ही है आधार जगत का?

यूँहीं ख़याल हैं #quote

यूँही उडने के ख़याल हैं, जहाज छोटी है तो क्या? सुना है ना! हौसलों से ही उडान है। यूँ तो चलने पर भी सवाल हैं, पर क्या हुआ? घबराना नहीं, मंजिल तेरा, ये सारा आसमान हैं। THE SKY IS LIMIT, YET NIGHT AT DOOR? YOU CAN DO IT ONLY, IF YOU CRAVE FOR MORE. Hey … Continue reading यूँहीं ख़याल हैं #quote

Why is the

Some rhymes. Depression does not look like you staying in bed all day, Depression can look like you doing everything you normally do,carrying around a constant feeling of emptiness and the urge to escape from the word, even just for a minute, because it feels too much. Why waste time being sad, when you can … Continue reading Why is the

Reviving Nature in Quarantines

Be back baboon! Behave, beget boon. Bestow bow, briars. Becoming below broom. Bet bit by beats, Bite Banana, berries. Buy basket, brace back. Begone bandage, beasts. Blubber begone, blight? Blabbers bleat behind. Byon beseecher backings. Boy board blanking. Belongings belonged buoyed. Bopeep basin, berimes. Beauty brought betters. Brine beloved bears. -Rishabh kumar Thank you Shreya … Continue reading Reviving Nature in Quarantines

Quarantine Poem

Well in this situation of Quarantines, we all have all leisure that we ever wanted, but we feel like trapped, don't we! So this quarantine poem goes like this: Well, we all do know, it's really well tight. Nothing much to do, full days and night. Days deviating, and nights with heights. With hope that … Continue reading Quarantine Poem

मिलते हैं #rk

सुनो, कैसे हो!! अच्छे हो ना? कई दिन हुए मिले, भूले तो नही! खैर होता है, होता है अक्सर ऐसा। नये चेहरे सामने आने पर, कुछ चेहरे अक्सर धुंधले पडने लग जाते हैं। फिर भी, कुछ रिश्ते होते हैं, कुछ रिश्ते होते हैं, जो ना तो कभी दिल से दूर होते हैं, ना ही उतने … Continue reading मिलते हैं #rk

live your life

When your mind understands what you were doing and what you must do,change happens and that's what makes change. It's a sign. You're improving. You're ready for change. You know what is right. You start believing in yourself and that boosts your positivity. - Rishabh kumar @myjoopress ✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ #myjoopress #thoughts #inspiration #life #lesson #today #memory … Continue reading live your life

You can’t…

You can't force someone to be friend. You are just lessening your value. Just talk,see if it works out. If you are alone,text me. But yes,don't forget to remember me in your good times too. Watsup : You may have new masseges. Me: Nahi bhai Misunderstanding hogi. @rishabhmyjoopress on @mirakeeapp#mirakee #poems #poetry #writersnetwork #quotes #quote … Continue reading You can’t…