Starving rat, couldn’t have thaught twice

It's not what a man knows hurts him; it's what he knows that isn't true. -Josh Billing Within his first month at job, he sensed the real meaning of the lessons he had read a couple months back. He could finally get meaning of what rat race game actually meant. It were his thoughts that … Continue reading Starving rat, couldn’t have thaught twice

Movies that reconnects you to life

These days I watched a lot of movies. To understand what means for me and what not. Sometimes I guess, we are really entangled in our thoughts that we don't see what is going to be the next step of our journey and where we are actually leading. Are we ready to leave something behind … Continue reading Movies that reconnects you to life

Who am I

In between ups, in between downs, hanging in between like a monkey, not a clown. want to gather it all, those fames with relations. But can't get it done, like I lost touch of emotions. laying on bed, i think all day. I shouldn't be thinking, but it has been my way. i forget mostly … Continue reading Who am I

दोस्ती के बिखरे पल

ये गीत उनके लिए जो भागती दौडती ज़िन्दगी में कहीं दूर निकल जाते हैं, याद तो होते है पर दिक्कत इस बात की होती है कि अक्सर बस यादों में ही रह जाते हैंजरा करीब तो आओजरा.... करीब तो आओजरा बैठो, कुछ सुनाओकहाँ चल दिए, कहाँ है जानाथोडा बैठो तो,कुछ तो सुनानाकुछ हाल दिल के … Continue reading दोस्ती के बिखरे पल

मिलते हैं #rk

सुनो, कैसे हो!! अच्छे हो ना? कई दिन हुए मिले, भूले तो नही! खैर होता है, होता है अक्सर ऐसा। नये चेहरे सामने आने पर, कुछ चेहरे अक्सर धुंधले पडने लग जाते हैं। फिर भी, कुछ रिश्ते होते हैं, कुछ रिश्ते होते हैं, जो ना तो कभी दिल से दूर होते हैं, ना ही उतने … Continue reading मिलते हैं #rk