listen when #rk 132

Listen when someone says, not when you need them. Don't you see the consequences: Either they get to know about your perceptions. or You get to know from them about you. Isn't that good? Giviving emotions to someone,you don't know... just with the sense of trust, is the bravest thing to do, i see. World … Continue reading listen when #rk 132

Friendship in social shadows #rk 62

I don't get it... why the nature of people got to change when they are with friends of opposite sex, may be its human nature, both get their behavior changed when they are with that friend and after that they come back from this fake reality, it's been a good technique to feel special among … Continue reading Friendship in social shadows #rk 62

भारत पर अंकुश #india #rk 9

क्या है न..... हमे बचपन से ही सिखाया जाता है-"पढोगे,लिखोगे तो बनोगे -नवाब;खेलोगे ,कूदोगे होगे..........." खैर ये बाते तो हमारे अंदर कूट कूट के भर दी जाती है,लोगो की नजर मे रास्ते भी आसान ही होते है..... मगर... मगर वक्त के साथ लोगो की सोच कही थम सी क्यो जाती है, अंग्रेजो की चाल भी … Continue reading भारत पर अंकुश #india #rk 9