Everything is fair in love and war. But also, Life is a war. So, basically it means that any path you decide to achieve your goals isn't good or bad. We are trained to be good, behave good, fake good with everyone around. For example with friends, family, colleagues, coworkers and even our most close … Continue reading Ruminating

Will grace back

Featured image by Snapwire Today's NaPoWriMo was: a challenge to write a poem about something that returns. Today I tried Acrostic form of poem, for those who don't know as I didn't before: acrostic is a poem in which the first letters of the lines, read downwards, form a word, phrase, or sentence. Enjoy....💕 OH … Continue reading Will grace back


Salute to Soldiers, the bravery, the hope, that stood before us, to fight and cope. Salute to the workers, to detach and detente, that undermined all seethes, with accord and vigor. Salute to the Doctors, to cure all nopes. that saved people's lives, with bravery and force. Salute to all citizens, to follow and join, … Continue reading Salute

Lost in love

profound as sound. mystery, myth with wound. few deep emotions and twists that bound, some hollow crave and pursuing pace, losing in that battle but fate still waits. starting with few blooms care making heart room. few delightful race all bliss that groom. yet narrowing trust, can't make all fool getting all gloom hoping turn … Continue reading Lost in love


Tring Tring telephone,Bring back those posts.Missing those gossip nightsunder tree hosts.What a time those werecycle, songs, raw roads.Nature lost beauty,Was that really hard core?No calls, just meetings.All day just waitings.No games of lie traces,hearts matched with faces.Parties or marriages,Household, full services.Unity never loosed.Never asked to boozed.Modern we got,yet lost pre-thoughts.Do and Die was ever,Learnt to … Continue reading TRING BACK TECHNO

Glory Flory

what takes you too long wishing for a fragrance glimpse and sites in mind why not take, some flower's grace Astrea's Aster replaced through eyes Charmed with patience, wit symbolize Devoted purity, sensitive love star of Venus, serpents savor African crane, bird of paradise Thoughtful Globe, romantic joyous A little toxic as compassionate love Banana … Continue reading Glory Flory


Today it is time to show that we are united, no boundaries, no Caste, no religions. We have been through a lot. Relationship, friendships, heartbreaks and hard times. But today it time to forget all those things. United we stand, divided we fall. -aesop you are fine. Are not you? Always on time. Not so … Continue reading Times


You are my honey bee honey bee you're my destiny my destiny Oooo Oooo Oooo Aren't you gonna sparkle sparkle baby please just sparkle sparkle you know you're my heart my heart please just sparkle sparkle Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm It's really so beautiful, How we had been this long It's really been something else you … Continue reading Sparkle