Ticky tick tack

Hi there friends, I guess its been long that tried writing a song. Haha... never knew if it were that good or not, but reciting each of them gave me good melody. Hey if you're are new, don't miss out this section 👇 Songs by me or just a rhyming Till then, just go... Ticky … Continue reading Ticky tick tack


The days have passed, the bond got loose. the memories in minds, holding.. very fews. The trust isn't broke, the connections are alive. nurturing voices in ears, do really passing by. The sights are different, the people are not. the eyes been trapped.... by tangible false. I cast, they see. the fake mystery. the smiles … Continue reading Fragiles


You are my honey bee honey bee you're my destiny my destiny Oooo Oooo Oooo Aren't you gonna sparkle sparkle baby please just sparkle sparkle you know you're my heart my heart please just sparkle sparkle Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm It's really so beautiful, How we had been this long It's really been something else you … Continue reading Sparkle

छोड दो … #rk 107

छोड दो मुझे मेरे हाल पे तुम सब .. छोड दो मोड लो मेरे रिश्ते से अपना मुँह तुम ... मोड लो इस राह पे....चलना मुझको अकेला.. है पता ना अपने तुम.. यूँ साथ का .. दो सिला छोड दो मुझे मेरे हाल पे तुम सब .. छोड दो मोड लो मेरे रिश्ते से अपना … Continue reading छोड दो … #rk 107