Stop consuming everything

As the day starts, what’s the first thing that you do? Well, I hadn’t thought much earlier. But found that … More

Used up

Used to have enthusiasm. But shortly don’t have. Meet someone, but to whom should’ve. Go around but where? Call someone, … More

scrupled bliss

poem is about uncertainties or hesitation of minds. In life, I guess all of us had many hesitations so far, like as talking to someone, or doubts on self or people, but should it stop us, I wish not.

खुद से वादा à¤•à¤°à¥‹

खुद से वादा करो कि कभी गम में ना जाओगे। स्थिति,हो जितनी विकट, नहीं घबराओगे। हाँ माना, चुनौतियाँ आएंगी कठिन … More