Don’t you see a lesson!

Life changes every moment, or should I say that it can get changed any moment. Our thoughts, our likes, dislikes are just a loose thread through that instant, that can be affected not just by our actions but also by the surroundings.We wish and try our best to gather all skills to reach some place. … Continue reading Don’t you see a lesson!

Movies that reconnects you to life

These days I watched a lot of movies. To understand what means for me and what not. Sometimes I guess, we are really entangled in our thoughts that we don't see what is going to be the next step of our journey and where we are actually leading. Are we ready to leave something behind … Continue reading Movies that reconnects you to life


The days have passed, the bond got loose. the memories in minds, holding.. very fews. The trust isn't broke, the connections are alive. nurturing voices in ears, do really passing by. The sights are different, the people are not. the eyes been trapped.... by tangible false. I cast, they see. the fake mystery. the smiles … Continue reading Fragiles

From me

Hey buddy, how are you? You seem sad, what happened to you? Couldn't see, in last few years. Had assumed, prodigious you were. Did something wrong, you gone through. Hey buddy, how are you? Well, you could talk. I was there. Don't be just mock, now tell me dear. You can let out what troubles … Continue reading From me

Lost in love

profound as sound. mystery, myth with wound. few deep emotions and twists that bound, some hollow crave and pursuing pace, losing in that battle but fate still waits. starting with few blooms care making heart room. few delightful race all bliss that groom. yet narrowing trust, can't make all fool getting all gloom hoping turn … Continue reading Lost in love

Dreams of oceans

For once I had an ocean,full of beautiful fishes and mermaids therewere all favorite scenes.Now it is like, we are searchingeach side of the mysterythe life getting bluredit's free in some history.Oh ho Oo,It can't be really surewhat made it really gone,It's just like any other daythat moved really with haste.Wasn't It really green?yet … Continue reading Dreams of oceans

आदत सी हो जाती है

आदत सी हो जाती है, अकेला रह लेने की। जब पता हो कि किसी के लिए, हम उतने भी खास नहीं। आदत सी हो जाती है, दिल को हद में रखने की। जब पता हो कि इस दुनिया में, अपनी हद में रहना भी है जरूरी। आदत सी हो जाती है, चुपचाप सा रह लेने … Continue reading आदत सी हो जाती है