ŗ§ź ŗ§≤ŗ§°ŗ§ēŗ•á, ŗ§ď ŗ§∂ŗ•ąŗ§§ŗ§ĺŗ§®

This poem is about mentality of people about misunderstood boys. How they get into those conditions and what they want to say after that. (ŗ§ź ŗ§≤ŗ§°ŗ§ēŗ•á, ŗ§ď ŗ§∂ŗ•ąŗ§§ŗ§ĺŗ§® )

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Not now more, already had it at shore. Many in mind, only few at the core. It matters not now, … More