Why would it not?

Thinking of the past what we got at last. Would it be really at all this worth? Thinking of the thoughts, letting in those thoughts. Would it be really at all this worth? You cope, you halt, and open all your wallet. So why would it not now? It is your thought. You learnt all … Continue reading Why would it not?

Leiebster award, second time.

Hello everyone! Myself. Rishabh Kumar. Really, It seems a lot motivating when you get appreciated anyway, anyhow. I am so thankful of you all to join this journey and guide with your words. Today it's my second time, that I got nominated for this award by a wonderful persona Neha Nandwana ji. She is really … Continue reading Leiebster award, second time.

Lost in love

profound as sound. mystery, myth with wound. few deep emotions and twists that bound, some hollow crave and pursuing pace, losing in that battle but fate still waits. starting with few blooms care making heart room. few delightful race all bliss that groom. yet narrowing trust, can't make all fool getting all gloom hoping turn … Continue reading Lost in love

यूँहीं ख़याल हैं #quote

यूँही उडने के ख़याल हैं, जहाज छोटी है तो क्या? सुना है ना! हौसलों से ही उडान है। यूँ तो चलने पर भी सवाल हैं, पर क्या हुआ? घबराना नहीं, मंजिल तेरा, ये सारा आसमान हैं। THE SKY IS LIMIT, YET NIGHT AT DOOR? YOU CAN DO IT ONLY, IF YOU CRAVE FOR MORE. Hey … Continue reading यूँहीं ख़याल हैं #quote

Glory Flory

what takes you too long wishing for a fragrance glimpse and sites in mind why not take, some flower's grace Astrea's Aster replaced through eyes Charmed with patience, wit symbolize Devoted purity, sensitive love star of Venus, serpents savor African crane, bird of paradise Thoughtful Globe, romantic joyous A little toxic as compassionate love Banana … Continue reading Glory Flory

Reviving Nature in Quarantines

Be back baboon! Behave, beget boon. Bestow bow, briars. Becoming below broom. Bet bit by beats, Bite Banana, berries. Buy basket, brace back. Begone bandage, beasts. Blubber begone, blight? Blabbers bleat behind. Byon beseecher backings. Boy board blanking. Belongings belonged buoyed. Bopeep basin, berimes. Beauty brought betters. Brine beloved bears. -Rishabh kumar Thank you Shreya … Continue reading Reviving Nature in Quarantines


Today it is time to show that we are united, no boundaries, no Caste, no religions. We have been through a lot. Relationship, friendships, heartbreaks and hard times. But today it time to forget all those things. United we stand, divided we fall. -aesop you are fine. Are not you? Always on time. Not so … Continue reading Times


You are my honey bee honey bee you're my destiny my destiny Oooo Oooo Oooo Aren't you gonna sparkle sparkle baby please just sparkle sparkle you know you're my heart my heart please just sparkle sparkle Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm It's really so beautiful, How we had been this long It's really been something else you … Continue reading Sparkle

Dreams of oceans

For once I had an ocean,full of beautiful dreams.star fishes and mermaids therewere all favorite scenes.Now it is like, we are searchingeach side of the mysterythe life getting bluredit's free in some history.Oh ho Oo,It can't be really surewhat made it really gone,It's just like any other daythat moved really with haste.Wasn't It really green?yet … Continue reading Dreams of oceans

आदत सी हो जाती है

आदत सी हो जाती है, अकेला रह लेने की। जब पता हो कि किसी के लिए, हम उतने भी खास नहीं। आदत सी हो जाती है, दिल को हद में रखने की। जब पता हो कि इस दुनिया में, अपनी हद में रहना भी है जरूरी। आदत सी हो जाती है, चुपचाप सा रह लेने … Continue reading आदत सी हो जाती है

मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ।

Here is my thoughts during this quarantine sometimes, when I search deep sometimes, something within. मैं तेरा बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ। सुना है, आजकल, तू रहता है शून्य। सुना है, आजकल, तू रहता है शून्य। तेरे साथ लेके तुझे तुझसे ही पार करने को तैयार हूँ। मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ। तू ना चाहे … Continue reading मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ।

जब बाते करनी हो

जब बाते करनी हो, बता देना। जब मिलना हो, दुआ करना। कुछ किस्से हो तो, सुना देना। कुछ किस्से हमारे भी, सुन लेना। कुछ किस्से, कहीं छूटे हैं। उन हिस्सों को, जी ले तू। कुछ पल, मिले हैं अभी। इन पलों में, रह ले तू। कुछ इरादे कभी किए थे तूने। उन इरादों को हकीकत … Continue reading जब बाते करनी हो

Quarantine Poem

Well in this situation of Quarantines, we all have all leisure that we ever wanted, but we feel like trapped, don't we! So this quarantine poem goes like this: Well, we all do know, it's really well tight. Nothing much to do, full days and night. Days deviating, and nights with heights. With hope that … Continue reading Quarantine Poem

भूलना आस़ान है क्या

क्यूँ चाहते हो भूल जाना हमें? क्यूँ,मिलने की अब दुआ भी नहीं करते? क्या यहीं तक था साथ हमारा? क्या, इतनी ही थी वफा हमारी? उफ, हमारी? अब इतनी तो चाहत नहीं। क्या कहा? जरूरत के थे हम साथी! शायद सच ही है, कि ना जाने क्यूँ हम, पागल से थे। जानते थे, बस एक … Continue reading भूलना आस़ान है क्या