बात भी नहीं होती हैंफिर भी कोशिश करते हैंबात करने की याद भी नहीं होती हैफिर भी कोशिश करते हैंयाद … More

Movies that reconnects you to life

These days I watched a lot of movies. To understand what means for me and what not. Sometimes I guess, … More

scrupled bliss

poem is about uncertainties or hesitation of minds. In life, I guess all of us had many hesitations so far, like as talking to someone, or doubts on self or people, but should it stop us, I wish not.

ऐ लडके, ओ à¤¶à¥ˆà¤¤à¤¾à¤¨

This poem is about mentality of people about misunderstood boys. How they get into those conditions and what they want to say after that. (ऐ लडके, ओ शैतान )

Lease back lessons

Not now more, already had it at shore. Many in mind, only few at the core. It matters not now, … More