Gaming with Money through Rat Race

Hey there friends! How are you all? I hope you are well and doing good these days. Well as you all know I've been into my poetic journey so long, proving as niche of my blogs but these days I'm like trying new things. Well of course, this so called free time of this pandemics, … Continue reading Gaming with Money through Rat Race


I was just thinking how many of things we get our phone stuffed with. Is it memory or an attachment. Well I don't know. It's been a long debate if technology is good or bad, remembering those essays I used to practice for exams. It's all up-to our use. The limit or in hindi we … Continue reading identity


Tring Tring telephone,Bring back those posts.Missing those gossip nightsunder tree hosts.What a time those werecycle, songs, raw roads.Nature lost beauty,Was that really hard core?No calls, just meetings.All day just waitings.No games of lie traces,hearts matched with faces.Parties or marriages,Household, full services.Unity never loosed.Never asked to boozed.Modern we got,yet lost pre-thoughts.Do and Die was ever,Learnt to … Continue reading TRING BACK TECHNO