Should we not be friends!!

How obvious it is, when we meet new people, we don’t know if want to be with them for long. We just give our trust, spend time with them, look for memories and that’s it. When time passes we get to know if the decision was right or wrong. At first we don’t know if it was going to work, so that’s the best option truly.

Whatever happens it is like damn i got his/her trust to be with him/her. It was really good, marvellous, what a great friend truly and simply what our mind thinks like is given in this song you can check as i too love it:-

Oh my friend,teach me to love or well known as “Yaara tere sadke, ishq sikha” or

You would be asking yourself like What did go wrong!? What happened!? like:-

In a way it is all obvious truly, we are human, we feel like being wanted, we always want to be with people we love company with.

Could someone be that one
could someone be so nice
I’m living in rage with tears
could one be my choice

Could someone get return
could someone get me right
I’m waiting to be understood
could one say it’s right

Could someone make me laugh again
could someone make me blind
I’m ready to live that day just once
could one stay my side.
-Rishabh kumar

Right? Isn’t it!! For those i just want to say like:-

The more we tell others
The more we get suggestions.
People experienced could help.
People learning might understand.
The more we try to help
the more we know about self.
People could be taking you as joke.
People could be talking to get helped.
But we try to save for ours.
But we cry that no one cares.
But we have our buts….
And this buts could be shut.

Infact we all crave for the care, but don’t understand first that –

“What we give first, is what we get first.”

From now on i must say, we all will be focusing on learning, experiencing new things, meeting people, going places without any fear or hesitation cause we know people will always be with you to help, but not to play your role, we are all self made. Right!?… I hope we all get it soon.Thank you!! for reading this long will wait for your suggestions too as we all are still learners.

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