Back off while you carry negativity?

When you can’t give something positive to people around you, you cut off yourself from them. Is it right? Is it not?

I had this question since I stopped writing on wordpress. I mean this was the place where I used to motivate others, or take a glimpse of their thoughts to mine. I had been used to do it by writing something poetic, share that to everyone around.

Meanwhile I guess life is more strategic to us. We need things but don’t want to be looked as a needy. Similarly when we are in pain, we wish to be looked strong, even if we aren’t. But if we love or hate something, our expression and moves show what’s within. Is it not so?

Expressing love might not be easy but expressing hate can have dramatically hard consequences.

So should we not show hate to some people who don’t even know the meaning of love. May be these people didn’t have right balance of relationships, that’s why they are so. And with this thaught we quit our hate too.

Sometimes it helps, keeps our anger in control. Although maintaining inner peace in such condition isn’t easy.

Sometimes it doesn’t help at all. We got to break through anger or our emotions that we carry at very moment.

May be it isn’t right. May be it is. We got to fight for our rights. We got to balance with our soul that keeps asking. Why? Why? Why?

So yes, keeping yourself away when you can’t give something positive is better than letting out your pain. Each family, relation has issues that they got to conquer. Also I have heard somewhere-

Moaning needs company.

That means in a company of sad people, each will only try to prove that they are more sad than the other. When we back off with our negative thoughts, the matter closes for an interval, gives us a better view and some time to think over.

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Thank you for reading everyone. Do tell me guys. What do you think over this thought of mine? Any suggestion or clearance would be great.


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