500 followers!! with a splash of shining Sunshine blogger award.. yippie

Thank you for Sunshine blogger award Miss Sandhya and everyone reading this that you loved my thoughts this much. I am feeling like the king of the world.. haha kidding. Today my blog reached 500 followers Thank you alll for that.

500 followers, wow.. hadn’t expected

I guess many of you would be familiar to miss sandhya already. You can check her blogs through https://sandhyapandey.com/2020/09/01/sunshine-award/.

Well telling the rules is so gross. Don’t we thank our nominators and provide the link to theirs? I guess we all do in these awards, right? Its remarkable already, all the effort that each writer or any blogger does. Thank you everyone for being with me…so Just comming to the questions

Sandhya’s questions were:-

  1. How will you define yourself?

Hmmm,let me think. I guess some one would only define himself through his work and the way he sees the life. For me, life is upside down these days. But i would say i am a little introvert. But may be introvert isn’t the right word now cause many of us have chosen to be concise …you know what I mean… Well that’s how I am.. haha

  • What is your inspiration for blogs?

The thoughts and the lifestyle i go through, might be similar to everyone around, reading this blog including you.. yes, we blogger or writer of our emotions are enough to tell that our content of thinking is far enough for the inspiration of our blog. isn’t it? convinced…hmmm?

  • Why you started blogging?

That is super easy i would say, just to let out my emotions and views. Next…

  • Who is your favourite Blogger?

All the feedback giving audience of my blog are my favourite. Well if i read, like or don’t like something after reading, it is my right to inform and to share my thoughts. Would anyone stop me… No… depending upon the post…silly me.. hehehe

  • How much time do you spend on blogging?

In june i was spending a lot during the Napowrimo, Oh, i remember that. Also, that time it was my favourite part of the day to research through this large world of poets. But now i am spending less, about a week per month.

  • Are you a full-time Blogger?

No, I’m not… should i?
Well let me see, if there be less readers and more writers. That could be possible. I’m thinking about it but depends on the responses i get.

  • What are the issues you are facing in Blogging.

Just that my old post are rarely being seen. I guess all of us has that issue, and that’s why we keep working on new to retain the blog living.

  • How you felt when you shared your first Blog?

It was just …. normal. I had low hope of my posts being liked that much as it is now. But yeah.. it was good.

  • What are your expectations from your readers?

Just to keep supporting as much as they can and offer me any suggestion that they think, would improve me.

  • How do you see the future of bloggers?

It is vast. Freelancing and social platforms offering the paid, unpaid platform are big opportunity to connect throughout the world. One click and you are there, affecting some buisness tycoon, haha…well, at least via thoughts. You never know who sees you hiding some where..so sushh.

  • How do you prepare that you do for your blogs?

First it were thoughts, then the prompts. And now it’s like whenever i feel like thinking or intertwined within something, i write.

My question..

Hmm aren’t these questions that much good to write about. Hmm? keep up please guys…

Below are my Nominees:

  1. Amisha’s book blog: Specks of thoughts
  2. Zadi: https://ultrasoundfeminsider.wordpress.com/
  3. Asthaisha: https://asthaisha13.wordpress.com/
  4. Parma Kumar: https://thehindimail.wordpress.com/
  5. Shreya Joshi: https://wildscaredcrazy.wordpress.com/
  6. Dulcy singh: https://dulcyblogs.wordpress.com/
  7. Nikita: https://theenchantressweb.wordpress.com/
  8. L’arte NelAnima: https://lartenellanima.home.blog/
  9. Lakshya agrawal: https://ikkhayaal.wordpress.com/
  10. TheTravellothoner: https://bombayficus.com/
  11. Anisha: CrazyNerds


Thank you for reading and supporting everyone. Do tell me your answers, will wait.


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