Stop consuming everything

As the day starts, what's the first thing that you do? Well, I hadn't thought much earlier. But found that before going to sleep and after I wake up, the first thing I did was using my mobile. Mostly I guess, it's been a habit of all whoever is bored of this extra corona time … Continue reading Stop consuming everything

Used up

Used to have enthusiasm. But shortly don't have. Meet someone, but to whom should've. Go around but where? Call someone, who cares? When the peace of mind Drained, right? Drained up like dried. The hope disguise. As lacking some things, To revive. The problems or dares, Are yet to assimilate. The kind of life we … Continue reading Used up

कोई यह नहीं समझता

कि आपको इस वक्त क्या चाहिए क्या आपको किसी अपने का साथ चाहिए क्या आपको खुद का आत्मविश्वास चाहिए कोई ये नहीं समझ सकता सिवाये आपके कि आपको इस वक्त क्या चाहिए आपको इस गुजरते पल का एहसास चाहिए आपको अपने धड़कन की आवाज चाहिए जिंदगी जिंदा बची है अभी आपमें जीने की वजह, हाँ … Continue reading कोई यह नहीं समझता

500 followers!! with a splash of shining Sunshine blogger award.. yippie

Thank you for Sunshine blogger award Miss Sandhya and everyone reading this that you loved my thoughts this much. I am feeling like the king of the world.. haha kidding. Today my blog reached 500 followers Thank you alll for that. 500 followers, wow.. hadn't expected I guess many of you would be familiar to … Continue reading 500 followers!! with a splash of shining Sunshine blogger award.. yippie

रास्ते मंजिल और जाने क्या

रास्ते मंजिल और जाने क्या छोड़ आए हैं हम न जाने कहाँ है वास्ता खुदी से ना किसी से यारी चल रहे हैं हम हो दुखी संसारी है पता कि गम है बाँटते नहीं हैं खुद में हो परेशान वजह जाँचते नहीं हैं क्षण भर की छाँव को समझते अपनी चादर गागर भर की चाह … Continue reading रास्ते मंजिल और जाने क्या


The days have passed, the bond got loose. the memories in minds, holding.. very fews. The trust isn't broke, the connections are alive. nurturing voices in ears, do really passing by. The sights are different, the people are not. the eyes been trapped.... by tangible false. I cast, they see. the fake mystery. the smiles … Continue reading Fragiles

Do you work!

What do we work for! Just three Seasons. security, success and satisfaction. security of respect and security of earning. can make you think to achieve all fraction. it's also the same one fears of loosing. it keeps itself in his mind closed burning. you got to give best like blessings that's hidden. intentionally picked in … Continue reading Do you work!

Who am I

In between ups, in between downs, hanging in between like a monkey, not a clown. want to gather it all, those fames with relations. But can't get it done, like I lost touch of emotions. laying on bed, i think all day. I shouldn't be thinking, but it has been my way. i forget mostly … Continue reading Who am I

दोस्ती : शायरी

सबके साथ ना खेलो,खिलाडी कई हैं मैदान में।एक दोस्त बनाओ सच्चा,जो पहचाने तुम्हें हजार में।कुछ अजनबी अपनों से हैकुछ अपनें अजनबी से हो गएएक वक्त था, बिन कहे सब जानते थेअब तो मिलकर भी,बस गुफ्तगू से हो गएतुम वो हो, तुम वो नहींतुम हो साथ, पर साथी नहींतुमसे है विश्वास, हमें खुद परतुम हो हम … Continue reading दोस्ती : शायरी

Seeking glad

Born a boy, successor of genes. Apple of eyes, pleasing grins. Early ages, full of joy. Day and nights, full of whys. Trainings, learnings, decisions made. Yes a magnate, no need consent. Houses change, and also the rents. Feelings never, made in days. Members opine, perceptions create. Serving or self, no chance to make. Family … Continue reading Seeking glad