Corona : Act of God

Isn’t it obvious? Isn’t it the way of God to guide us back to the roots of nature, to show us that not only us, but also all creatures, all over the globe, got same rights to use the means provided by Him. I guess so. We were told over and over by the communities to behave in such ways that we do not harm the nature. Many campaigns, many plans were made through out these years, but I ask you, How many of them gave results that much? How many of them changed your mind that people telling you, not to use your power for the destruction of world, are right. Yes, you, even single bit of your ignorance provide more advantages for this harm.

OK, you don’t think so? Think like this. When you got to know plastic isn’t good, you didn’t try to use it. right? But when it gets back in the market, you do use it. Don’t you? People requested to keep your locality clean, I am not asking about country. They gave you guidance to throw dry and wet waste separated. You did that regularly, right? Another, you know eating fat too much isn’t good, did you lessen your consumption.

Now you would say, why just me? It is getting sold, government should give other options and stop it and after that we won’t buy it at all. But don’t you know, these are buissness. People will sell you all things, that give them profit. It’s their right to sell, even ciggrattes says that it causes cancer, yet people buy it, Aren’t they legalized? They are.

Now about this Corona, Can’t it be said a way to create balance of nature again! We used all means provided by nature, we even overused them. I guess I don’t need to show any facts, you know it well. It might have got started in China, but now it is all over the world. you can follow this link provide by WHO to know the accurate facts:

And also we cannot forget amazon tragedy last year, you can also look at that if you got to know the actual facts what happened that time

Amazon Shameful incident of our our lust for excess

I am not here to tell you your fault, I am not geniuses, no one is. We all make mistakes. It matters what we learn from them. We cant say what will happen for what reasons. We can just practice our best not to harm nature further. Balance is nnecessary. Me, you, all creatures, our world.

All these efforts will only be fulfilled if we learn what is right, what we must do from now. The situation is going to get worse. Lockdowns of cities are really pity. People are forced to lock themselves in refrigerators to save their lives. The virus COVID-19 can’t be spread in air, think if it did, it can travel more than a feet by itself, yet Many died. Economy got collapsed, GDP decreased. Are we ready for the challenges! We must follow the safety instructions:

Safety tips by Red Cross organisation

This is CORONA TIME. Truly Act of God.

Hey there, well thanks for reading this, don’t forget to share your thoughts, I might be wrong at some ppoint, but we must try for this incidence on our level.


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