Well in this situation of Quarantines, we all have all leisure that we ever wanted, but we feel like trapped, don’t we! So this quarantine poem goes like this:

Well, we all do know,
it’s really well tight.
Nothing much to do,
full days and night.
Days deviating,
and nights with heights.
With hope that exists,
still middle of the life.

Well, isn’t it the same,
we always craved!
Dilemma is fair,
not was self considerate.
Difference, do you know!
Well, who am I to tell?
Leisure is free,
without an affair.

You want it, or not,
we are on alike pore.
Inculpate not them,
It’s Earth demanding core.
Think, but be safe.
It’s life on stake
with an appeal to heal,
contending misbehaves.

Well, it’s time to forget,
all coarse or extents.
In this we all,
are imperiled by self-lapse.
It’s clock that ticked,
with such epidemic.
Believe it or not,
it got consolidate.

Now it’s up-to us,
the examination to pass.
Believe on the facts,
or get seen in the cast.
I know that we can,
with help without hands.
We got to support donates,
maintaining social distance.

-Rishabh Kumar

This is another beautiful project made by my maternal sister Oorja Kshatriya in this quarantine.

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