Quarantine : Not a joke

People are risking their lifes for our safety, they are all requesting us to stay inside, don’t panic, follow the safety rules. Some would say it isnt much, don’t make a buzz of everthing. We know everything, don’t mind we keep ourselves safe, we do follow these rules.

I guess they are right, who are they to tell anyone to limit their boundaries in such time! Who are they… to tell you that your slight mistakes can endanger many. This post is just about those who take this situation just like any other. They know it is pandemic, but don’t want to understand it’s depth until someone from their families gets it.

I had to say a lot but I won’t, I know, I believe people will understand it cause there are many people who had heard about such pandemic long ago, but never knew that they will get to see such. They just hope for their children to be safe. Nurses, Doctors or Military helpers also risking their lives for not only but also for the upcoming generations.

We must support them, their positive exhorting thoughts to everyone. Government is trying their ways to lessen the effects. If we don’t want to do it for them, at least we can do for self. That’s what everyone says in such, right! We must be really thankful to all those people who came forward to provide funds, shelters every one.

Not crazy they are,
Inside home, keeping far.
Much more in the news,
things closed, searching sar.
All hitting same buzz,
And waking you up.
Isn’t now you duty,
to make not fuzz.
You can do for own,
don’t do for any.
If you try as such,
you can do it for many.
You can hide all you want,
would you hide from self?
Just do as told,
don’t think it is funny.

-Rishabh kumar

Also do see these links, to understand the situation better. I just hope you everything gets good soon.



                1. well he is trying best to execute things properly, I hope people understand it, not take it joke.. and as I have talked to my friends in other countries, it is so miserable there.. over islands, it takes time to reach supplements, so yeah… he did the right thing at right moment, hope it doesn’t go much farther and all be safe all over the world 💕💕


                2. Exactly, that’s what me and a few other friends of mine here and on Instagram are trying to convey to people. What he did is commendable, and yes, he did right things at right time, but due to such high population, it’s tough for things to maintain and handle. Glad to know that you share the same opinion about this incredible leader. Thanks so much. K.

                  Liked by 1 person

                1. It’s about belief in our own self, experience helps just as a backup. When I got 1 follower here and on Instagram, I was shocked that there are people who like my work. So, take one step at a time, and you can then achieve something. K.


    1. Thank you so much for reviewing this one, I hope more and more people read this one even if not the other ones. I am so glad that you read and liked it that much. 🌼❣️🌼❣️🌼❣️🌼❣️🌼


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