Develop your success story

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This post is just a reminder to everyone including me.

If we want to do major things, we got to focus on the minor things first.


Developing our own success story is must, for our success. If we see Ramayana, the story connects to us that’s why people see it. “Josh talks” is all about success stories that’s why it got into trend and people like it.


Does your life have a good story, why not? Why not yet! Create it.

Knowing something doesn’t makes change, the realisation of that knowledge makes.


Stories has the power to connect to you deeply. It matters cause the stories touch our emotions. If you have a story worth sharing, do share it. Also I heard a video ad by legendary actor late Irfan khan sir.


If you remember that advertisement, he tells that he never heard the word “DIFFICULT”. And then answers his worker in add that if he had heard the word before, he could not achieve what he did in life. Truly his life is remarkable to get shared, I guess I will share that soon. That will be my absolute pleasure to learn and share it. But you know, everything depends on our realisation, no one can deny that.

So how would we make our story. Now I am sharing some questions that I think should be worth answerable to myself too.


The questions to make your story.

  1. Why did you started this journey?
  2. What changes did the journey brought to you when you became part of it?
  3. What were you doing before this journey?
  4. What were the causes that motivated you to put yourself into this?
  5. What were your doubts about this journey?
  6. How did you resolve all these doubts?
  7. What were the challenges before you in starting it?
  8. How did you overcome these challenges?
  9. As you got yourself into this journey, what changes you see in yourself ,how much did it affect you?
  10. How much did this journey affected your family?

I guess, these should be the basics that can give us right direction, these seems small things but you know, the perfection is all necessary.


If you are new. Where to go? What to do? I don’t know much about your plan for future yet, but the question we should ask ourself should be like:

  1. What are your expectations from this journey, what changes it will bring to you?
  2. Do you feel this journey will change your life?
  3. If you do success in this journey, who are those other people who will get benefit from it?
  4. How will they get the benefit of your journey?
  5. As long as now, what was the best thing you noticed in this journey?
  6. What is your next goal?
  7. What is your ultimate goal?

Else than these, we got to keep in mind that the surrounding also determines things. So don’t hear what doesn’t strengths affirmation to your journey.

Do read : listen when

I hope you all like it. I am not a writer, just trying to get somethings out of this head. You see, Mostly i do poems but had some extra time these days,so i thought why not give a try to it. But I want to admit it, Some are my thoughts, but some are taken or heard through podcasts that I presented to you.

Thank you everyone for being with me this far ….



Stay safe, Stay healthy, Live happy.

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  1. This is something challenging Rishabh 😀
    How u came up with such an idea?❤️
    Infact..this is something which I’ll have to take a dive in myself..and come up with the answer of these questions.
    Great attempt 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Anushka, this is an attempt that also I got to answer to myself, to keep that in my mind, also I tagged it at top of my posts… this been so long through this journey of writing, and sometimes when someone demands answers… I guess these are the questions that he should ask himself. It’s not just my thought, it is through some podcasts, I noticed through out the last month. But yes i would keep on writing my poetry too. As I feel I am a writer somehow, may be just of my own life, but it would be really nice if people answer these questions to themselves, not in posts. You can tag it with some myjoopress award where you got to answer yourself with these questions being serious .. I m sure people will be made think

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We don’t have to do big things
    We have to be aware of what the soul has to tell us

    We do not have to strive for success or happiness just because others want more than they really are to human dignity

    Above all, we must humbly bow to him whom we were not incapable of bearing the guilt, the sin, in humility

    We know that human knowledge is based on an approximation of reality

    We know that the new knowledge wants to fathom the origin of our existence and that it ultimately cannot include or join the existing knowledge

    We know that the history of humanity, in the subconscious, cannot be erased

    Not only do we have emotions, filled with stories and our own story, every heart can catch fire, all of a sudden through a strange face

    We are all actors in our own story, and nobody really knows who is directing, who in us, the author, the historian, is really us

    The insight, which we become aware of, the heaviness that everyone has to bear, hides the source, whose constant answer, in our conscience, does not acknowledge the lie

    – the lie is the detour, because we make the effort to become conscious
    do not want to lead or cannot

    We started our journey because nature, we are nature, wanted us, our being, our life

    We are born from the germ and await the goal, our dying, death

    Before we were born, we were on the journey from the Big Bang to our mother earth

    We didn’t have to do anything to really be

    Nature does not doubt, we reserve that for humans

    In us, doubt is the bringer of light that does not make us believe everything that others infallibly want us to believe in pure autonomous reason

    We have no memories before birth and we were not challenged

    At birth we were thrown to the ground with a cry of blood

    We gratefully received the hugs of those around us who helped us get on our way into human life

    We all change in our lives, and we find it difficult to recognize our youth in old age

    We all have families, our ancestors reach so far that they no longer capture our minds, their history

    We are all vulnerable, imperfect, we don’t know ourselves the right direction, we don’t have enough time to get an overview

    We know that we need things for the purpose, the most important things, to create clarity about ourselves in dialogue with our soul

    What we write for ourselves, in people’s minds, through the mediation of the word, or the writing that impresses others, holds them on a string, for the right interpretation for peace, happiness, success

    – we have to pay attention to the reality of the soul in everything


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