Don’t die

You won't die trying. You can die living the life you hate. May you guys have heard this quote earlier or felt its depth. It's not just life. It's not just days. ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣ It isn't all the lies. It isn't all the ways. ❣ ❣ … Continue reading Don’t die

Don’t you see a lesson!

Life changes every moment, or should I say that it can get changed any moment. Our thoughts, our likes, dislikes are just a loose thread through that instant, that can be affected not just by our actions but also by the surroundings.We wish and try our best to gather all skills to reach some place. … Continue reading Don’t you see a lesson!

कुछ रास्ते ऐसे

कुछ रास्ते ऐसे कहीं दूर के लगते थे, कुछ किरणों में सिमटकर बस यूँहीं हासिल हुएं। कुछ मंजिलें वैसे कहीं ख्वाब से लगते थे, कुछ कंकडों में मिलकर नजदीक मालूम हुएं। कुछ तारे ऐसे टिमटिमाते थे हमेशा, कहीं दूर कुछ बातें, किया करते तो थे। कुछ रातें सुबह तक, ढल जाया करती थी, फिर बाते … Continue reading कुछ रास्ते ऐसे

इंसानी अहं

आम नहीं, मैं खास हूँ अपने दिल की मैं आवाज़ हूँ कुछ साथ हूँ, कुछ राज हूँ बेताब मैं जज़्बात हूँ मैं याद मैं ही भूल भी मैं हँसी हूँ, मैं ही दुःख कहीं मैं कौन हूँ, मुझे है खबर मैं सार हूँ, मैं हूँ शहर मैं गाँव भी, मैं हूँ गली मैं हर जगह, … Continue reading इंसानी अहं

inner conflicts

No excuses you clumsy, eagerly wild.Aren't you new? Untrained, unhired!What's your matter, why don't you run!Don't you see, it's not your turn.You will be broke, you will be torn.See your legs, already shivered.Ha ha ha, you are now lame.You can't win me.You are not brave.Brave! Brave!Am i not that?Who are you mister! who gave you … Continue reading inner conflicts


The days have passed, the bond got loose. the memories in minds, holding.. very fews. The trust isn't broke, the connections are alive. nurturing voices in ears, do really passing by. The sights are different, the people are not. the eyes been trapped.... by tangible false. I cast, they see. the fake mystery. the smiles … Continue reading Fragiles

Do you work!

What do we work for! Just three Seasons. security, success and satisfaction. security of respect and security of earning. can make you think to achieve all fraction. it's also the same one fears of loosing. it keeps itself in his mind closed burning. you got to give best like blessings that's hidden. intentionally picked in … Continue reading Do you work!

Raining gift

Omg, it's raining. Can't express that animating. The voices with those drops, had healing with each splashing. The feelings get me thrilled. Some say, would get ill. Few minded not to join, Won't ask who don't mind. It's life, it's a choice. Alive or some disguise. You can say them insane, diversities long to hoist. … Continue reading Raining gift

From me

Hey buddy, how are you? You seem sad, what happened to you? Couldn't see, in last few years. Had assumed, prodigious you were. Did something wrong, you gone through. Hey buddy, how are you? Well, you could talk. I was there. Don't be just mock, now tell me dear. You can let out what troubles … Continue reading From me

क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ,

क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, निशब्द सा हूँ मैं लग रहा बाते तो हैं कई, पर दिल है कहीं गुम सा खयाल है कम, किसी सोच में हूँ मैं खोया ना जाने क्यों, ना जाने कहाँ सजाना, सवारना, फिर लिखकर कुछ उतारना सजाना, सवारना, फिर लिखकर कुछ उतारना खुद में सोच फिर, क्या सही, … Continue reading क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ,

Why is the

Some rhymes. Depression does not look like you staying in bed all day, Depression can look like you doing everything you normally do,carrying around a constant feeling of emptiness and the urge to escape from the word, even just for a minute, because it feels too much. Why waste time being sad, when you can … Continue reading Why is the

मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ।

Here is my thoughts during this quarantine sometimes, when I search deep sometimes, something within. मैं तेरा बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ। सुना है, आजकल, तू रहता है शून्य। सुना है, आजकल, तू रहता है शून्य। तेरे साथ लेके तुझे तुझसे ही पार करने को तैयार हूँ। मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ। तू ना चाहे … Continue reading मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब हूँ।