कुछ रास्ते ऐसे

कुछ रास्ते ऐसे कहीं दूर के लगते थे, कुछ किरणों में सिमटकर बस यूँहीं हासिल हुएं। कुछ मंजिलें वैसे कहीं … More

इंसानी अहं

आम नहीं, मैं खास हूँ अपने दिल की मैं आवाज़ हूँ कुछ साथ हूँ, कुछ राज हूँ बेताब मैं जज़्बात … More

Movies that reconnects you to life

These days I watched a lot of movies. To understand what means for me and what not. Sometimes I guess, … More


The days have passed, the bond got loose. the memories in minds, holding.. very fews. The trust isn’t broke, the … More

क्या हुआ, कोशिश तो ज़रूरी à¤¹à¥ˆà¥¤

क्या हुआ, कोशिश तो ज़रूरी है। This poem is for uncertainities of life. Read it thinking deep through lines.

scrupled bliss

poem is about uncertainties or hesitation of minds. In life, I guess all of us had many hesitations so far, like as talking to someone, or doubts on self or people, but should it stop us, I wish not.

क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, क्या à¤²à¤¿à¤–ूँ,

क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, क्या लिखूँ, निशब्द सा हूँ मैं लग रहा बाते तो हैं कई, पर दिल है कहीं … More

Lease back lessons

Not now more, already had it at shore. Many in mind, only few at the core. It matters not now, … More

मैं तेरा, बिछडा एक ख़्वाब à¤¹à¥‚ँ।

Here is my thoughts during this quarantine sometimes, when I search deep sometimes, something within. मैं तेरा बिछडा एक ख़्वाब … More