What after lockdown!!


In India, one of the news article claimed about 12 crore people getting unemployed cause of this pandemic, just within a month.
Certainly I guess there will be new challenges, isn’t it possible that people who were payed more before this situation, would get paid lesser.
There will be good signs too, people will be more aware of these two things from now.
  • Health and
  • Wealth
As this pandemic is moreover a large issue of health, people will be more conscious about it from now.

I recommend you to read these
  1. Mucus Facts by Dr. Juri sharma
  2. The health benefits of regular exercise
Second, people will seek new sources of income.

If I talk about sources of income, there will be two, either we start buissness or get a job. As I think there are two criterias of jobs, either governmental or private.

Talking about buissness, three, either so small like a vendor, a little bigger as of a shopkeeper and the last of the largest as of a factory owner.
All these require investment of money. For a vendor, about 20,000 Rs. For the shopkeeper, as there is stocks to be maintained, will be like 2 lacks.

If I think of jobs, they also require investment. Actually investment of time and money both.
We would have to acquire the eligibility and skills both, and for that we spend like 20 to 30 years of life and atleast 5 lakh through getting all the education. And even after this people got to stand in lines to get the job, yes, only the education isn’t the guarantee of getting a job. It also depends on our talent, and competing companions.

There will be chances of loss in any sector always. I pity those who had just started their buissness recently and crashed without getting back a penny. There was shortage of jobs always and also if people won’t be getting jobs and get thrown out, cause of the losses in sectors, it would be really a heartbreaking.

So what after this lockdown?


  1. This is really something to discuss about Rishabh.
    Infact I think… worst is yet to come after this…we will be in new world… people will get more concious while meeting others and I guess.. everything will be changed..the way we used to look at things..those crowded places will be a nightmare now…and most importantly..the economy…things are going to get expensive.
    This is really going to be hard.

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