Reviving Nature in Quarantines

Be back baboon!
Behave, beget boon.
Bestow bow, briars.
Becoming below broom.

Bet bit by beats,
Bite Banana, berries.
Buy basket, brace back.
Begone bandage, beasts.

Blubber begone, blight?
Blabbers bleat behind.
Byon beseecher backings.
Boy board blanking.

Belongings belonged buoyed.
Bopeep basin, berimes.
Beauty brought betters.
Brine beloved bears.

-Rishabh kumar

Thank you Shreya for introducing me another nice way to improvise my poetry as the challenge of “Tautogram Poem” by Brad.

Featured image by Pixabay

It was really really tough for me. I had to go through dictionary after long time and I guess even my readers won’t understand it that much. So I am telling about it with short description, I hope you understand it then.

In present situatios, there are yet some fools who don’t realize their mistakes. This life is really a boon that they are taking as joke at this moment. They are only degrading themselves by doing so, setting wrong example for the society.

I have seen a clip of one police officer during round up in city, Making people realize their mistakes as a very funny way, presentable for the viewers. There are lads, uncles in that video. Lads got made sit-ups, and uncles made realize of setting wrong example for their children.

Blabbers or I should say the most talkative people just talking at back as they always do. I don’t say it’s wrong to put your views, but it must be on right platform. I support those who who came forward to fill the blanks as their support. Moreover Nature is healing itself, binding it’s rusted beauty back. Haven’t you seen the reindeers and elephant wandering free in city without troubing anyone. Loved that scene.

Clicked by Marylin LePore on Pinterest In Japan

I guess you also would have scenes in your country, it will be really nice if people share such stories.

World will get better, healed and we will learn mistakes to never repeat.

I guess we all have this hope.

Don’t we?


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