Memos, to get renewed

Ok I’m okay, just done of it.

Just yelling out all, everything through this.

I was silly and shy and was a fool.

Always did know, but tried all hoops.

I lacked communication and got to get overprice.

People were so busy that they never did mind.

It was pretty cool day.

Some holy fool day.

All were so happy,

but yet I wasn’t so gay.

Some deep inside,

just loosing my mind.

Had to keep my track,

but lost mid way.

Things gonna be right.

It better be surprise.

Cause I don’t know if,

I’m ready.

All night all day.

I made good friends,

never used for self.

May be cause needed them,

not to feel alternate.

They don’t know me yet,

my inner misguides.

I better had no past

no, few people at life.

Only few to ask,

what happened at last.

That I got jealous views,

having not my joos.

It’s okay I know,

getting not any dooms.

I write it all,

in mid of night.

Yes, going to delete,

from memo despise.

Got to tell my owns,

to believe His bonds.

Only He knows what’s next.

Yes, its better and the best.

-Rishabh kumar

Featured image by Engin Akyurt
For eugis-weekly-prompt “Renewal”
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