Lease back lessons

Not now more, already had it at shore.

Many in mind, only few at the core.

It matters not now, even if did before.

Well what should I say, I’m not so sure.

Some days that past, not now to come back.

If had some within, why not treating ore!

If few could listen, treated what wrongs.

Make me memorize, why lost trust doors.

Rhyming I try, all the time.

Yet rhyming I missed, my nature defined.

Only few that cared, even if I failed.

Made them even sorry, left few for well.

You can’t let it happen, over to you.

Misjudged qualified, so yes you’re crude.

Not lessons I lacked, neither did I bind.

Made it some secret, even now can’t find.

Yes, it did happen. in the past unturned.

You got to just share, what you got as pearled.

Don’t throw it out, what you got in deep.

You got your lesson, that you long ago seed.

Changes happen, mostly all undecide.

Get ready to choose, your lovely seight.

Featured image by Saunak Shah

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